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Fluorides Treatments

Fluorides Treatments

Fluorides Treatments
Fluorides Treatments By Our Berwick Dentist

Fluorides Treatments is a naturally occurring mineral present in water and meal that strengthens teeth and helps to stop tooth decay by keeping them more immune to violent attacks from bacteria and sweets. If you do not follow a fluorides diet, your teeth may suffer from problems such as cavities. In such case you must consult with professional dentist like Woodleigh Water’s Dentist Berwick team for best dental treatments.

The ‘enamel’ on the tooth’s tough outer surface is consists of mineral crystals.

Plaque, germs, and carbohydrates damage the enamel in the mouth on a daily basis, weakening it. This process is known as demineralization. Moreover, minerals like fluoride, calcium, and phosphate found in our diet and water, as well as toothpaste, contribute to strengthening enamel. This is referred to as remineralization. Therefore, fluoride helps to accelerate the process of remineralization.

You can take fluoride for the betterment of the teeth in two ways

  • The foods and beverages we consume, as well as supplements.
  • Fluorides Treatments paste, mouthwashes, and when a dentist or hygienist applies fluoride directly to the teeth.

We at Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery provide a fluoride treatment. Furthermore, our treatment is highly appreciable as well as beneficial. In addition, we also provide fluoride treatment to people who have a large number of cavities. Therefore, you can contact us right away at 03 9702 0234, if you are facing such an issue. Our team will respond to you quickly.

Fluorides Symptoms and Our Treatments

  • Firstly, food particles and stains will be removed from the teeth.
  • An arch-shaped tray is fitted over the teeth and filled with a high-concentration fluoride foam or gel, and then left for the specified amount of time. In addition, fluoride varnish can be put on the tooth surface.
  • To allow the fluoride to infiltrate the teeth, nothing should be eaten or consumed for 30 minutes after the treatment.
Fluorides Treatments

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