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Conventional Braces

Conventional Braces

Orthodontics: New Science Of Teeth

It is the branch of science which deals with the straightening of teeth so that they look beautiful as always and your smile spreads happiness everywhere. If you bite your food incorrectly due to the bad order of your teeth, then it may cause jaw pain, conventional braces, various dental diseases and even headaches. So, to make the order of your teeth correctly and put it in alignment, you can reach our best dentists berwick. Our orthodontics can help you to shape your teeth straight so they are easy to clean which prevents your mouth from various gum diseases.

Conventional Braces And Their Types

It is a new technology to get the shape of your teeth as you want and these braces are smaller, lighter in weight and so much more comfortable to handle. They can be of Removable type or Fixed type. Removable braces do not have glues in between them and you can remove them whenever you want while the fixed braces are like bands that bind your teeth with glue and flexible wires hold them together which exerts pressure on the teeth and helps them to move in a correct position.

There are generally three types of Conventional Braces which are as follows:

  • Self Ligating Braces: These are sliding types of braces that can be moved according to your teeth movement.
  • Metal Braces: These are the braces made up of stainless steel which are of conventional type and they are of very small size so that they are more comfortable and less noticeable.
  • Ceramic Braces: In this ceramic brackets are blended with the colour shade of your teeth and then fixed on to your teeth. They are very popular.

For any type of braces, kindly contact our orthodontist now.

Treatment Start

Eligibility For Conventional Braces

There is no age limit for fixing braces, that is they are eligible for everyone from children to adults. Although old age patients have to consult a dentist before adopting this treatment as it may affect their teeth. Otherwise, it is the best option and effective treatment for the person having kinky teeth. Follow our orthodontist for this.

Treatment Process Of An Orthodontist

When you approach our orthodontist then he starts your treatment with your oral assessment then he takes an X-ray of your teeth. This is the process of the first appointment.

When you go on your second appointment, our orthodontist analyses your X-ray report and discusses with you a lot of options available and tells you to decide what you want to do now.

At your third appointment, our orthodontist places or fixes plastic bands or “Separators” in between your molar teeth as per your permission for a week or more to create space between your teeth so after that permanent molar bands can be fixed.

The fourth appointment involves the fixation of permanent molar bands and wires. These bands and wires put pressure on your jaws due to which jaw aches occur for some days and you feel very uneasy for some of the days in biting of food, chewing, your lips or cheeks may rub from inside and many more which you have to tolerate for some days. You can take a painkiller for jaw aches and rubbing may be correct with the help of wax provided by our orthodontist. You can change or tighten your bands every six to eight weeks by taking an appointment with our orthodontist to make your teeth and gums healthy.

When our orthodontist feels that your treatment is complete and your teeth acquire the required position then after the whole assessment your braces will be removed by them and after that, your teeth are cleaned and polished. Your teeth get settled with the help of retainers and the whole process of settling of teeth is called Retention.

Time Required And Method Of Working Of Braces

The braces, whether metal or any other, are to be bonded with the teeth from the front part with the help of a wire called Archwire by an orthodontist. This archwire applies pressure on the teeth at the time of movement and thereby helps in the correct positioning of your teeth.

Usually, this treatment takes 12-24 months but depending on the complexity of your case this time period may vary.

Precautions To Be Followed

If you want to get your teeth in the proper position then you have to take proper care of your braces so that it does not get affected. For this, our orthodontist suggests various measures which help you in this matter. Take a look at the following and follow these instructions:

  • You have to avoid many types of food which are your favourites like hard food and fruits, toffees, chocolates, chewy sweets and many others.
  • A special type of toothbrush is used which is suggested to you by your dentist.
  • You have to brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Keep your braces clean.

Follow the suggestive measures by hiring our orthodontist and you will get your amazing teeth very soon.

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