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Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery’s Berwick Emergency Dentist stands with the goal of providing dental treatment that is comfortable, personalised, and technologically advanced. We have created our principles, procedures, and teamwork from the ground up. Having made it our aim to provide top-notch service to this bridge berwick. Having completed many hours of dental practising, we are certified in offering you a wide range of services.

Moreover, our dedication is to deliver excellent dental treatment in a convenient setting. Our dentists take pleasure in building long-term connections with their patients. We strive for quality in all we do, and we look forwards to assisting you in making the most use of your smile today and in the future. Moreover, our dentists are fantastic with children and have a specific interest in braces for kids! So book an appointment quickly by calling us at 03 9702 0234.

Various Types of Bridges:

There are many types of bridges each according to the condition of your gums. Have a look at some:

Bridge Dental
Bridge Dental

Cantilever Bridge

It is a bridge that has one fake tooth, or pontic, connected to one cap, or abutment.

Adhesive Bridge

This consists of a prosthetic tooth linked to a normal tooth on each side of the broken tooth by a metal or tooth-coloured ‘wing.’ On this type of bridges, there may be one or more wings.

Fixed- Fixed Bridge

Usually consists of three caps that are bonded together, at either end to protect your natural teeth and the other in the centre to substitute your lost tooth. Some bridges are made up of four, five, maybe more crowns which the experts link to replace several lost teeth. All metal typically gold or tooth-coloured bridges, like porcelain bonded to metal commonly gold or a gold alloy, complete ceramic-like porcelain or composite materials can be utilised to make dental bridges as plastic with glass particles embedded. The type of material utilised will be determined by the reason for the bridge berwick.

If you do not want dental implants or a veneer to replace your lost teeth, a bridge is a good, handmade choice. Bridges are available in a variety of materials and designs, our Dentists shall figure out the best solution for you. A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or even more missing teeth. It is a durable attachment that our dentist attaches to the neighbouring natural missing tooth to ‘bridge berwick’ the space created by the lost tooth. This also keeps the natural teeth next to it from migrating.

If you do not want dental implants or dentures to substitute your lost teeth, a bridge is a terrific, custom-made choice. Bridge berwick are available in a variety of designs and materials, your dentists will decide the best choice for you.

The Two-Step Procedure We Follow For Dental Bridge

The procedures we follow are simple and painless. Moreover, our expert dentist handles it with utmost care.

  • We will take impressions of your teeth from which we have been able to manufacture the bridge you require. During this procedure, we might use anaesthesia.
  • This will be installed for two to three weeks. This may need the use of an anaesthetic once again.
Bridge Dental
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