Sure Shot Signs Which Indicate That You Might Need Dentures

Which Indicate That You Might Need Dentures? Are you talking about me? No, I don’t. This is how most of us react when asked to get the dentures. Most of us think that dentures are for others and not for them just because they take good care of their teeth.

But, is taking good care of your teeth enough a reason to not have dentures? Well, no! You would be surprised to know that more than 20 million women of age 40 or more wear partial or full dentures as per a report.

Fret not. You can always do your little bit and prevent yourself from any tooth loss. Here are some telltale signs which indicate that the time has come for you to consider dentures for your oral health and dental wellbeing. Let’s have a look.

Tell Tale Signs Which Indicate That You Might Need Dentures

Dentures in the past used to be referred as false teeth. But, times have changed now and the dentures available today are reliable, well functional and most importantly, they look like your real teeth.

Which Indicate That You Might Need Dentures

Thus, get over the fear of getting dentures and smile confidently. Here are a few signs which indicate that you might need dentures going forward. Check out.

  • A constant toothache and decay

Consistent tooth problems may be an indication that there is a severe tooth decay which may have spread and reached the root of the tooth. Dental reconstructive remedies will not work anymore in such conditions and you will have to consider taking dentures.

  • If appearance of your teeth isn’t good

You might need to consider dentures to smile confidently. If you have teeth which don’t look good, then getting best dentist Berwick might be the right choice.

  • Bleeding, swollen and tender or red gums

If you have gum disease along with bleeding, swollen and tender gums which you have always neglected till now, then chances are high that you might need dentures a few years down the line.

  • A toothache which is recurrent and severe

If you are suffering from a recurrent and severe toothache, then you must consider proper treatment. Such conditions usually happen when the dental condition is very bad and dentures may become the only option.

  • Loss of one or more teeth

Often severe dental conditions lead to loss of a tooth or more. In such situations, you might need to have dentures to relieve yourself of all the pain.

  • You have problem in chewing food and your teeth are sensitive

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Teeth decay lead to the high sensitivity which may cause pain while chewing food. Gum disease, tooth fracture, and poor oral health might be a few reasons why you might be having difficulty in chewing. Such problems may lead to tooth extraction and dentures can be the solution.

  • Loose, shifting teeth with increase of gaps in between

Periodontal disease may be a reason for the bone loss and loose, shifting teeth. Such problems can be dealt with by considering dentures.

Do you foresee any such signs? Well, it might be the right time to get the dentures. Consult us today to know more.

A root canal is a procedure that helps in treating the damaged and decayed tooth without removing it permanently. The root canal treatment is intended to treat the damaged and infected pulp that causes pain inside our mouth. There can be various reasons behind the decaying of a tooth such as frequent treatment on the tooth, deep decay, cracks or any damage to the tooth. Some signs that will alert you about the pulp damage are pain, discolouration of the tooth, continued irritation to heat or cold, soft to touch and pain while eating. Sometimes there are no indications at all.

Here is The Procedure for Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment includes the removal of the decayed pulp, cleaning, filling and sealing.

Here are The General Steps That Dentists Follow for Root Canal Treatment:

  • At the start the tooth is treated by anesthesia to stop the tooth pain by giving an injection.
  • A paper-thin layer of rubber known as a dental dam is put above the decayed root as well as adjoining teeth.
  • Then the dentists will make a diminutive hole behind the tooth. This enables entrance to the pulp and root canals for operation.
  • Next they remove all the dead pulp tissues from the tooth using the safe implements.
  • In the next step canals are cleaned with the help of antibiotic and sterilising extracts.
  • In the next step, the dentists place a filling material to the root canal called “gutta-percha” inside it. And for the protection of the tooth from contamination dentist seal it.
  • In the last step to preserve the tooth from future decay a crown composed element is inserted above the tooth that seals it also. That is how the root canal procedure is finished carefully and effectively.
  • For more effective and safe treatment you can hire any Emergency Dentist Berwick for best root canal treatment.  
root canal treatment

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