What Is Dental Amalgam Filling

Dental amalgam is a common type of filling used to cure dental cavities. Dental professionals have been using dental amalgam filling material for over 150 years. And millions of patients have got their tooth decay treated with the amalgam filling.

Dental Amalgam Filling

Dental amalgam consists of a combination of different metals such as liquid mercury and a powdered alloy of copper, tin, and silver. The chemical properties of mercury make it the binding agent between mercury and the alloy particles to form a nice amalgam.

Amalgam filling looks like silver and that is why it has got its name from “silver filling”.

Amalgam Filling Process

To treat your tooth decay with the amalgam filling, your dentist Berwick needs to first make the dental amalgam. But before that, the dentist will drill the tooth, remove the decay, and make the place for the amalgam filling.

Dentists use special kind of capsules consisting of liquid mercury and the alloy powder (containing tin, copper, and silver) for making the dental amalgam.

They have advanced tools to puncture this capsule and mix the ingredients without removing them from the capsule.

After mixing, they open the capsule taking utmost safety precautions. This is a soft filling that goes into the prepared cavity and once it is placed the mercury forms compound with other metals and thus becomes a solid filling.

And since mercury mixes with other mercury, by the time it enters your mouth, it no longer remains toxic.

Dentists use high-powered suction to remove excess amalgam from the mouth if any. Also, there is special kind of disposal system for amalgam at dentist’s clinic. They have to ensure that this amalgam does not enter the plumbing system as it may lead to choking.

Benefits of Amalgam Filling

It is essential to consult your dentist in Berwick about your requirements and choices before you decide the filling material for your tooth decay treatment. As per the FDA, the benefits of amalgam filling are:

Amalgam Filling

  • This filling material is quite strong and it has a long life.
  • They are almost unbreakable in comparison to other filling materials.
  • It is least expensive of available filling materials.

Potential Risks of Amalgam Filling

Some people are worried about the mercury content in amalgam filling. Here is what FDA has to say about it:

Amalgam filling consists of elemental mercury. But FDA has not been able to find any connection between the mercury levels associated with amalgam filling and any kind of health issues in the general population.

But developing fetuses and young children could be more prone to the toxic effects of mercury present in amalgam filling. So it is best to take your dentist’s advice.

However, if you have already used amalgam filling for cavities treatment then it is not advisable to remove them just to get rid of mercury from your body.

If the filling is fine then removing strong fillings will release more mercury vapors and lead to further tooth decay.

Use of Mercury in Amalgam Filling

Almost 50% of the dental amalgam filling is made of liquid mercury. Why? Dental amalgam filling’s remaining 50% is an alloy of tin, copper, and silver.

Mercury helps in binding the alloy particles, which is essential to make a solid and durable filling.

Also, mercury remains in liquid form at room temperature. These two unique properties of mercury are responsible for giving amalgam filling its durability.

A regular dental check-up ensures the safety of your health. Your dental professionals are responsible for curing all kinds of dental problems. In addition to that, they also find out any kind of dental problem so that it can be treated before it becomes untreatable. They bring into your notice any kind of dental abnormalities and help you get rid of them.

There are a lot of benefits of going for a regular dental check-up, such as:

Problem Detection with X-Rays

Your dentists Berwick performs X-rays on your teeth and jaw bones to see what’s happening under the mouth’s surface. This helps in diagnosing invisible signs. X-rays can find out caries, periodontal problem, bone loss, impacted teeth, tumours and cysts in your mouth. Finding these issues is important to treat them in time. There are many diseases that do not show any symptoms to the naked eyes. X-ray covers all of this and helps you stay healthy.

Bad Habits Detection

When you visit your dentist every six months, he is bound to save you from bad habits that can cause oral problems. For instance, biting nails, grinding teeth, having sticky sweets, too much of sugar, harsh brushing, smoking, drinking red wine, drinking coffee, and clenching jaw etc. Your dentist informs you about such destructive habits that spoil your oral health.

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Gum Disease Detection

Gum Disease is irreversible. If we timely notice and cure periodontal problems, we can save the teeth and bone loss but if patient comes in later stages then its too late and can be expensive as well. With regular dental check-up, you can get your gum diseases detected in time.

Tartar, Cavities, & Plaque Detection

Do you know that regular brushing and flossing can still leave you with various kinds of dental problems? Regular cleaning from your dentist removes tartar build up and plaque build up. If tartar and plaque are not treated in time then they can cause teeth cavities. All of this can be easily avoided by making regular appointments with your dentist.

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Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a life threatening disease. But do you know that your dentist can diagnose it at an early stage, at which it can be treated. Your dentist can recognize the signs and help you detect oral cancer in time. Your oral hygiene dentist has expertise in noticing any oral abnormalities. And oral cancer can be cured if detected in time. Your dentist will conduct a pain less, non-invasive, 2-minute cancer exam to catch any invisible signs of tumors.

Various Other Problems’ Check-Up

In addition to that, your dentist keeps a check on neck, jaw, head, and lymph nodes. It is important to ensure that there are no lumps or swelling issues below your jaw line. Your dentist checks for the same and informs you about any abnormality. Your dentist is able to alarm you about any possible serious disease (that could be tackled in time) with just a few minutes’ check up.

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Opt for Regular Dental Check-ups for Healthy Life

Your dentist does a lot more than just fixing your teeth. They have means to keep your gums healthy, clean your teeth, and also check for any kind of abnormality caused due to a dental issue. They keep a check on your bad habits that may lead to oral problems. Also, they check for the well-being of your bones, thereby blessing you with a healthy life.

So it is advisable to give regular visits to your dentist for the benefit of your oral health!