How to Handle Post-Dental Extraction Swelling

What is Post-Dental Extraction?

What is Post Dental Extraction? Explain by Dr. Kulvanr Singh Berwick residents trusted dentist The physiology of the mouth area most especially the teeth is something that is so dynamic and can be unpredictable. This is why it is not uncommon to see teenagers or young adults who are still shedding their milk teeth. Normally, it is said that the milk teeth are dislodged in childhood, to give way to the permanent teeth which are already supposed to have formed in your teenage years. However, the dynamic nature of the teeth makeup can have us observing certain unique circumstances.

As with any other part of the body, the teeth can leave you in certain unhealthy situations, which would lead to dental extraction. A dental extraction is simply the process of removing the teeth of an individual due to one reason or the other. The post-dental extraction is the period after this tooth has been removed (extracted).

One might begin to ponder the situations that would necessitate a dental extraction. These situations vary as no two individuals are the same. However, some of these conditions include tooth decay, infection of the tooth, a tooth growing over another tooth, and many more.

How to Handle Post-Dental Extraction Swelling
How To Handle Post Dental Extraction Swelling

The Dental Extraction Process

Having gotten an idea of the central idea of dental extraction, the next question that comes into the mind of anyone would be what does this process entail? Anyone would want to know and prepare their minds on what to expect if they ever find themselves in a situation that requires dental extraction.

The tooth extraction process is not something you need to be afraid or scared of. There are professionals out there whose aim or goals are to ensure that you have the most soothing feeling while undergoing dental extraction. They strive to do all it takes to make you extremely comfortable!

Before starting the Best Dental Care extraction process, an anesthetic injection is always given to the individual undergoing this process. This medication is to ensure the area where the tooth would be extracted is numb to pain. With this, the individual undergoing the process feels little or no pain during the process. The process is not something that takes a lot of time, and when carried out by a professional, you wouldn’t even know when it is extracted, and it would be done in no time.

Post-Dental Extraction Swelling

After you get your dental extraction done, what next? For some people, that’s it. No significant side effects occur and life goes on. However, some are not so lucky and they experience post-dental extraction swelling. This is also not something you need to fret about as it can also be classified as a normal and common thing. 

Due to the pressure experienced by that part of the body during the extraction process, the swelling becomes a way of your body reacting and responding to tell you that yes some changes did occur. It is important to note that the post-dental extraction swelling does not necessarily have to occur immediately, as it can take place 24 hours or even more after the extraction process.

Post Dental Extraction Swelling
Post Dental Extraction Swelling

How to Handle Post-Dental Extraction Swelling

As with any swelling, the post-dental extraction swelling would come with some unease and make you feel uncomfortable, but you still do not need to fret as it is not a big deal and would also subside as it came. To ease the pain, take a recommended painkiller that would dull the pain if it becomes unbearable.

Asides from painkillers, ice is also something that has been proven to help the post-dental extraction swelling. Take an ice block and place it on the swollen area, you can roll it around there, taking care not to put too much pressure on it. Do this regularly and you would observe the swelling would start reducing, and you would also get relief from the resultant pain.

Thankfully, post-dental extraction swelling does not usually last for long. Depending on your body system, it could last between 1-3 days. You can choose to allow it to elapse on its own or handle it with pain killers and ice.

Call Professionals

As earlier stated, you do not need to fret about the post-dental swelling. If you need a professional Dentist in Pakenham to guide you on other methods of managing this swelling, do well to contact us as we always have your comfort in our best interest. Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is here for you whenever Emergency Dental Care Services you need, and would always be ready to aid you through a soothing post-dental extraction swelling experience. Do not hesitate to give us a call and watch us perform our wonders!