How Over Brushing Teeth Can Be a Problem?

If you are concern about your Good Oral Hygiene, you perhaps brush your teeth more than a time a day. You might even clean them after each feast and at night. But if regular brushing teeth is a great thing, then how can over brushing become a problem for your teeth? Many of the dentists would advise against overly potent brushing, and if you’re an avid brusher, your teeth may ultimately indicate (unwanted) symptoms of your vivacious technique.

Brushing Teeth

Toothbrush Rubbing

Rubbing, according to research, is the loss of tooth veneer and cementum (the covering on tooth roots) due to habitual forces. Notching around the area where the tooth reaches the root is a sign that you may be applying an inaccurate and perhaps heavy-handed brushing procedure. And if you consolidate vigorous brushing using a hard-bristled brush and extravagantly grinding toothpaste, you have the method for tooth rubbing over time. Other problems are opening vials and bottles using your teeth, holding nails or clips in your mouth or chewing of your nails. Enamel detrition can be affected by lip or tongue perforating.

Some foods may worsen the impacts of over brushing. Waiting for a minimum 30 minutes before brushing after having acidulant foods, like citrus fruits, can stop you from rubbing that acid across your teeth.

Gum Recession

Besides abrasion tooth enamel, continued fanatical and irregular brushing may affect your gums to shrink. When this occurs, the tender cementum on the root is shown and is more unsafe to decay than the enamel of your teeth. Because of its tender nature, the shown cementum is simply worn away and indented, leading to irritation and twinge for a few people. It’s also crucial to heed that once your gums diseases, they never come back to where they were first, and several conditions may lack periodontal operation.

Tooth Sensitivity

When the enamel coating of your tooth becomes shabby, either by detrition or decay, nerve ends in the dentine layer is either opened or close sufficient to the exterior that having hot or cold meals or beverages can cause sensitivity. Even freezing air or touching the tooth while brushing can cause discomfort. Assess your brushing method and do not use a hard-bristled brush. Moreover, do not buy any toothpaste such as whitening pastes that may be too rough or have elements that can increase more sensitivity.

Right Brushing Method

According to Dentist Berwick, many people do not understand that they don’t really need to brush their teeth with the force of their hand. And you can check your brush if you are not able to understand whether you are brushing too hard or not. And if the bristles of your toothbrush start to become flat and shredded within a couple of weeks that can indicate that you are brushing your teeth with a heavy hand.

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