How To Save Your Tooth With The Correct Procedure

In this blog, we talk about how to save your tooth with the correct procedures. There are many organs in the human body which are not valued unless they start being a pain area. Somewhat same is the case of teeth and oral health where a number of people ignore the small issues and let them grow big. After a period they have to suffer from teeth decay and other issues where only an expert dentist in Berwick can be last option. Endodontic therapy or is also known as root canal therapy makes a dental procedure which can be utilized to eliminate infections found inside of the tooth called pulp. This method protects against any future infections. Bacteria that are present in your mouth attack the tooth. It can take place after:-

  • Any form of tooth decay
  • Due to leaky fillings
  • Some kind of damage from trauma like a fall

save your tooth

Save Your Tooth With The Correct Procedure

Tooth structure 

It is two parts that make a tooth. The crown forms the upper portion of a tooth which can be seen on the gum line. The root runs up to the jaw bone holding a tooth in place.

Teeth also are made of

  • The outer hard colored coating is called enamel
  • A kind of soft material that gives support to the enamel and constitutes a big portion of a tooth is known as dentine
  • A sort of hard material that forms a coating on the surface of roots is called as cementum
  • Nerves and other soft tissue inside the tooth are called dental pulp.

It is the root canal system that houses the dental pulp, and it runs the entire length of the crown to the root. It is possible that one tooth may have root canal more than one. Your dentist can explain it more effectively.

The need for root canal treatment

You need root canal treatment only on the condition as dental x- rays confirm that inside of your tooth the pulp is affected due to some bacterial infections. This dental pulp may start to die in case it happens to be infected by some bacteria which facilitate the spread and growth of bacterial infection. At once consult your dentist.

The signs of the pulp infection are as

  • If a person feels pain while drinking and also eating cold or hot food plus drink
  • If the pain is felt at the time of chewing or biting
  • A sort of loose tooth

With the progression of infection, all such signs frequently disappear because this pulp dies. It seems that the tooth has healed, but in reality, the infection has spread all through the root canal system.

Further signs ultimately take place, such as:

  • It can be pain during chewing or on biting returns
  • If the gum swells next to the tooth that is affected
  • Oozing of pus from the tooth that is affected
  • Swelling of the face
  • The affected tooth turns a dark color

It becomes very important to visit your dentist in case your tooth develops ache. In case the tooth is infected, it is not possible for pulp to heal all by itself.