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Root Canal


This dental procedure is carried out when the innermost part of the tooth, ‘the pulp’, becomes badly decayed or infected. If left untreated, the tooth will begin to die which could lead to the loss of the tooth.

To save the tooth, the infected pulp needs to be removed to prevent the formation of an abscess. In dental terms, this procedure is called ‘Endodontics’.

Your tooth is made up of:


This forms the core and gives the basic shape to the tooth which supports the enamel. It is softer than enamel but harder than bone.


The central part of the tooth which contains nerves and blood vessels, and lies within the root canal Some reasons why the pulp would die include:


By travelling via the enamel and dentine down into the pulp chamber


A severe knock that affects the pulp

Severe Gum Disease

The gum detaches itself from the tooth, creating a gap between the tooth and the gum. Bacteria then gets trapped, causing an infection which can affect the pulp.


Common Symptoms Before Root Canal

  • There can be anything from a constant dull ache to severe pain, or pain only when biting.
  • A spot sometimes appears on the gum in the area of the infected tooth. This is where the collection of pus from the root tip is draining, which will leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Swelling in the gum area surrounding your tooth
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