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We are a popular dental service provider in Narre Warren. If you are looking for quality Dental Implants Narre Warren treatments, then we can help you out. Our certified Dentist in Narre Warren will make sure to do the best dental surgery. So, make sure to get in touch with our Emergency Narre Warren Dentist to fix your dental issues. You can call us on the given number to talk to our certified dentists in Narre Warren VIC. Our clinic is open for patients from everywhere and we are family doctors of many residents in Narre Warren since 35 years.


Unmatchable Dental Care Service in Narre Warren

With the best Dentist in Berwick and all across Narre Warren, we aim to serve the best dental care services in Narre Warren. We can assure you of a guaranteed and comfortable dental treatment in Narre Warren. So, have a look at our available dental services and contact us immediately. 

Dental Implants Narre Warren

Dental Implants Narre Warren is one of our most sought services among the local people. You can contact us anytime for a convenient booking and treatment. 

Teeth Whitening Narre Warren

Looking for POLA – Advanced Tooth Whitening System! Reach to our Teeth Whitening Narre Warren dentists without any second thoughts. We use advanced methods for tooth whitening. So, the entire process will be effective and less time-consuming.

Dentures Narre Warren

We also have Dentures Narre Warren Dentists with us. So, feel free to get in touch with our certified dentist in Narre Warren and avail of the best treatment for your tooth. Starting from the treatment of a simple toothache to dental surgeries and extraction, you can avail all the treatments from us. Our team of doctors for Narre Warren dentist are also part of the family doctors as well as works under CBDS schemes too.

Cosmetic Dentist Narre Warren

If needed, you can also seek our Cosmetic Dentist Narre Warren to fix your teeth. We will check your teeth properly and suggest some of the most effective cosmetic treatments. So, you can choose the best one accordingly. 

Dental Crowns Narre Warren

Dental Crowns Narre Warren is a widely popular treatment available at our clinic.  So, do not hesitate to get the best dental crown service from us. We would love to restore the smile on your face with our treatments. 

Root Canal Dental Treatments

Our Dentist In Narre Warren is also capable of performing Root Canal Treatments. So, feel free to contact us anytime you want. We will save your decaying teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can create many problems like Gum swelling, Jaw pain, Bad breath, Tenderness, Bad breath, Cysts, Bad taste in the mouth, Redness in gums You might feel scared with the Wisdom Teeth Removal process but once you opt us, our first job is to first explain the process to make it easy for you. We make dental surgeries easy and beneficial for you.

Inhalation Sedation or Sleep Dentistry

It is very effective for anxious patients. It calms the patient to get any treatment. Very useful and cost-effective as compared to general anaesthesia.

Woodleigh Waters Dental is Your Emergency Dentist Narre Warren With Perfect Solutions

Do you need an Emergency Dentist Narre Warren? You can get in touch with us for perfect solutions to any dental problems. Even during an emergency, our dental services are of top notch quality. So, take a look at our emergency dental services in Narre Warren.

Invisalign Treatment

We offer Invisalign treatment by our certified dentists in Narre Warren. So, feel free to get in touch with us for a quality Invisalign treatment. We will make sure to serve you with the best solutions according to your problem.

Dental Braces

We are also experts in providing dental braces for both adults and children. So, feel free to talk to us and avail of our services. We are available for patients like you.


We offer Veneers with advanced dental tools and technologies. If needed, our dentists can customize the treatment according to your needs. Our Dentist Narre Warren South is doing an amazing job to save your teeth and gums.

Clear Aligners

If you want to get our dental Clear Aligners, you can contact us anytime you want. Our aim is to serve you with quality dental treatments in Narre Warren. We have 35+ years of experience in all dental treatments.

Dentist Narre Warren South

We offer a wide range of services being your Dentist Narre Warren South, including Invisalign treatment, dental braces, Veneers, and Clear Aligners. You can book the best dental service with us. Whether you need cleaning of your teeth or treatment for decaying teeth, we can get you the greatest treatment available in your area.

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery’s Orthodontist Narre Warren Team Available at One Call

At Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery, we have our personalized orthodontists to provide the best service and treatment. For providing teeth treatment with modern tools and technologies, we have the best dentists for teeth, gum and jaw treatments. And all of our dental treatments of Orthodontist Narre Warren are guaranteed and go through a detailed follow-up. Therefore, we can assure you of the best and most reliable orthodontic service. For more information, call us on the given number. We are available 24X7 hours at your service.

Looking For Narre Warren Dentist Bulk Bill? Here Is What You Need To Know

We have the best dental services for all kinds of patients. Therefore, if you are booking quality dental services in Narre Warren, feel free to call us on the given customer care number and avail of the required dental services. However, to make things easiest, we have the Narre Warren Dentist Bulk Bill facility. Furthermore, we offer child dental benefits schemes in Narre Warren. So, you get your child treated by our dentists without worrying about the surgery cost. For more information on the same, you can talk to our dentists from respective departments. 

We Are Narre Warren’s Leading and Most Trusted Dentist

From Dentures Narre Warren to Dental Crowns Narre Warren, our Dentist In Narre Warren has the best knowledge and experience in handling different types of dental issues. As we have dentists with Certificate III in Dental Assisting, you will get the best dental service from us. Even if you ask our patients about our dental services in Narre Warren, you will get to know about our best treatments. Our dentists are available 24X7 hours to serve you the required treatment. So, feel free to call us anytime to get the best dental service in Narre Warren. We can assure you that you will get the best dental surgeries and treatments in all over the location.

Why Choose Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery?

Our Dentist Narre Warren aims to offer the best dental surgery and treatment to patients. But, if you are yet to know the perks of choosing us, let us explain them to you. 

  1. Our dentists are experienced with certificates in critical dental surgeries and treatments.
  2. All of our dentists are well-versed with the latest dental tools and instruments.
  3. We can also arrange emergency dental treatments.
  4. Our dental services include child treatment schemes. 
  5. We have experience in critical dental surgeries.
  6. Our dental services are affordable and convenient for all.



Narre Warren Dental FAQs

How Much Does A Dental Check-Up Cost Me In Berwick VIC?

$30 and above fee per visit, to a maximum of $120 for a general course of care (includes an examination and all general dental treatment). The dental treatment cost differs depending upon the type of treatment.

Are Dentists Covered By Medicare?

No, dental services do not fall under Medicare. However, one can always opt for a personalized Medicare for dental treatments.

Is It Better To Get A Root Canal Or Tooth Extraction?

The root canal is a new dental surgery method in which a dentist conducts endodontic therapy without removing the entire tooth. Therefore, the tooth remains at its place with some shaping.
However, in tooth extraction, the entire tooth is extracted without leaving any part of it behind. In the case of a severely damaged tooth, dentists suggest going for tooth extraction. However, it is always an option to choose between the two. So, talk to your doctor and let the expert explain the process so that you can decide on the best for you.

Will Your Dentist Pull A Tooth The Same Day?

Not necessarily your dentist will pull your concerned tooth on the same day. However, during emergencies, one may need to opt for immediate tooth extraction. It depends on the condition of your teeth and gums.

Why Won’t A Dentist Pull An Infected Tooth?

An infected tooth is sensitive enough to cause severe pain. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tooth condition minutely and numb that area with anesthesia before pulling the infected tooth.

Why Does Tooth Pain Get Worse At Night?

While sleeping, the blood flows into the head. Hence, the blood flows into the sensitive areas of the tooth, resulting in pain.

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We always feel compassion for the pain our patients suffer from. Caring and sensitivity are always in our service.


We always work with high professionalism. The ethics and integrity of our patients are what we always keep in our minds when we serve you.