How to Reverse Tooth Decay?

How to Reverse Tooth Decay or Cavities?

How to Reverse Tooth Decay or how to reverse cavity? There is a misconception about tooth decay that they can’t be cured without filling any material or drilling out the cavity. But, this is absolutely wrong. A cavity can be cured with the help of various natural remedies. According to British medical journal, a cavity can be reversed naturally by diet and other natural remedies. So, this article is all about tooth decay and with the help of our Local Berwick Dentist know how to naturally reverse cavity.

How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Main Causes of Tooth Decay

  • Consuming too many carbohydrates

You might have been warned about eating chocolates and sweets in your childhood. This is because these foods contain carbohydrates. Yes, carbohydrates are the main reason for a cavity.

Especially, sugar and starch are worst carbohydrates which can cause cavities at the very high rate. When these carbohydrates stick to the teeth for very long time, they react with the bacteria present in the mouth and release some kind of acid. This acid is harmful to the teeth and destroys them over time.

  • Not taking proper diet

Lack of minerals in the diet also contribute to tooth decay. Try to add the foods which contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium to your regular diet. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D should be added to the diet because lack of these vitamins helps to the tooth decay. But, most important is to decrease sugar consumption.

You Can Follow These Best Tips To Reverse Tooth Decay Naturally

Now, we know that how tooth decay happens, what helps with tooth pain, and how can we prevent it, let’s talk about the natural remedies which can be used to reverse cavity.

Reverse Tooth Decay

  • Stay away from sugar

The very first natural way to reverse cavity is to remove sugar completely from your diet, your drinks, and your life. Sugar always causes so many problems including tooth decay. So, removing sugar completely can be very useful for cavities.

Use natural honey in replacement of sugar. Make it a habit. Less sugar consumption is the most useful thing. Not only for cavities but sugar has many harmful effects on our body. So, avoiding sugar is the first tip.

  • Eliminate phytic acid from your diet

The second thing which can be very useful for cavity reduction is phytic acid. Phytic acid also helps to increase tooth decay and phytic acid should be reduced in our diet. Phytic acid is a sort of mineral blocker.

Phytic acid is present in high energy food like nuts, almonds, and seeds. Phytic acid can be removed from our diet by removing the foods that we have mentioned earlier. You can replace those foods with other protein and fat supplements like fish oil.

  • Eat nutrient-rich foods

Reverse Tooth Delay

The next natural treatment for tooth decay is to consume more nutrients rich foods. When it comes to teeth problems, nutrients and minerals help a lot. Especially, raw dairy products can help a lot because they contain a lot of nutrients.

Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium are most useful to reverse a cavity. This is the reason hwy various toothpaste are coming equipped with salt and minerals as they are the best cure for teeth decay. Also, healthy fat containing foods like avocados, fish and coconut oil help a lot in maintaining healthy teeth.

  • Use the right toothpaste

Using the right toothpaste also matters a lot. It is highly recommended to consult your dentist before choosing the right toothpaste for you.

Final Words

So, these are the best natural ways of treating tooth decay at home without any Root Canal and other treatments like Dental Implants. Take a good care of your teeth with the help of these natural solutions for tooth decay.