Rekha Singh


Dr. Rekha Singh completed her Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Melbourne and now she is located in Berwick. Before going into private practice, she began her professional career by joining dental experts in a private hospital.

She did this to gain essential skills and expertise. Thus, she is an expert in dentistry. Now she is a principal dentist at Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery as the leading dentist. She has a good hand in all the dentistry treatments.

Being a Principal Dentist, she is your smile, makeovers, dental implants, Invisalign, wisdom teeth removal and dental bonding expert, contact the clinic today for a better smile.

Dr. Rekha Singh’s Special Interests, Expertise in Dentistry

Dr. Rekha Singh practices all facets of general dental treatments. She is an expert in offering various operations. Moreover, she is looking forward to providing painless treatment. To make the surgery easy for all. Her areas of specialization and specific interest include: 

  • Smile makeovers are part of cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants are a type of dental implant 
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth 
  • Invisalign and other clear aligner orthodontics

Dr. Rekha Singh Certified Invisalign Provider

Dr. Singh is an Invisalign certified specialist that uses Digital Smile Design (DSD) to display to her patients the projected result of a smile transformation before they begin treatment. She is a dentist with over years of experience in private practice. With years of expertise dealing with patients of all ages, she works to promote oral hygiene. She offers a wide range of dental treatments to make your smile look beautiful. Along with general dentistry, she even works in implant services and orthodontics. Moreover, she works with modern tools and types of equipment to offer you the best and safe outcomes. 

From her teenage years, she had a keen interest in dentistry and oral hygiene. Furthermore, she works hard to give her patients a friendly aura. Moreover, the dedication she works with is incredible. Dr. Singh even volunteers to help low-income families where she offers free services to the people. Because of her astonishing service and patient-friendly environment, she is the most famous dentist in the city. She is continuing her practice to make your smile makeover more effective with the painless treatment.