Dr. Sibella


Dr. Sibella graduated from the University of Sydney in the year 1994. With over 28 years of experience working for adults and children to enhance healthy oral habits, Dr. Sibella has been rated as a specialist member of the Dental Association for her work all over Woodleigh Waters. She provides a variety of dental services to people of all ages. Not only does she cure dental issues but also provides dental implants at fair prices. She ensures a state-of-art service using advanced technology and research, making sure that every patient is treated in the most comfortable manner.

Dr. Sibella was once inspired to become a dentist when she was a teen and one of her friends said that she fears visiting a dental clinic. From that day, she wished to become a dentist and cure patients with painless treatments. Later, she continued studying dentistry and is now a well-known dentist in Woodleigh Waters.  

Dr. Sibella: Awards 

Dr. Sibella has won several achievements and awards such as: 

  • Frances Gray Prize- for the best academic award in Common Dentistry 
  • Lewis Award- for the highest studies achievement in the Clinical Dentistry
  • ASP Award (Australian Society Of Periodontology Prize)– for academic excellence in DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) 
  • Dean’s Honours List- given to last year’s students who excelled with the best results throughout the DDS.

Dr. Sibella began a blossoming journey in the dental profession-based clinics, offering all types of common and urgent dental treatments. At the same time, she has an eye for the details of cosmetic dentistry. 

Special Areas Of Orthodontic Treatments 

Sibella’s main motive is to offer a relaxed environment for patients while working on their oral treatments. She offers time-saving treatments and shares a friendly nature with patients. You can reach out to Dr. Sibella for aligner procedure, braces, and early orthopedics intervention that aims to shape the growth of jaws to fix crowding and related forms of malalignment. She is a firm believer that orthodontics should offer both teeth alignment and improved facial structure. 

Other areas in which Dr. Sibella is trained are: 

  • Smile Designs- she is a professional at reconstruction cases using veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental implants
  • Dental Implants and Wisdom Teeth Treatments that offer long-time relief to patients. 

More About Dr. Sibella 

Together with her compassionate nature and years of expertise, Sibella ensures bringing smiles to patients after every treatment. Apart from dental treatments, her special interests are sharing quality time with her family and friends. So, if you are looking for a reliable and friendly dentist in Woodleigh Waters, do book an appointment with Dr. Sibella.