7 Options To Fix a Broken Tooth

The tooth is the hardest substance in our bodies. And, it is stronger than the bones. But sometimes, due to various reasons, they crack. Hence, a broken tooth is treatable. And if you have been experiencing such tooth difficulties. And you need more information on how to fix a broken tooth. Hence, this leads to a broken tooth or a fracture. Some of the common reasons are –

  • Jaw clenching or grinding due to stress 
  • Uneven chewing 
  • Biting on hard substances or food like nuts, candies and ice
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures 
  • Age is also a factor
  • External traumas 
  • Large dental fillings like a root canal

Therefore, these can cause a crack in various layers of the tooth. Do you suspect that you might have a Dental trauma? Look out for the common signs like – severe pain in the tooth, increase in the sensitivity of the tooth, infection near the gum lines and visible swelling around the tooth.

7 Options To Fix a Broken Tooth

7 Helpful Ways On How To Fix A Broken Tooth

  • Dental implants

Dental Implants problems require immediate attention. It can cause deep problems and infections. Firstly, the tooth consists of two parts – the crown and the root. The crown is the visible part above the gums. And the root lies below the gums. 

Moreover, the crown and root consist of several layers. These are – enamel, dentin and pulp. Enamel is the white hard part of the tooth. The dentin is the middle layer. And the pulp is the soft inner tissue that contains blood vessels.  Hence, a tooth fracture affects all these layers. And the treatment mainly depends on which layer has been affected.

If the tooth cracks below the gum line, then the only solution is tooth extraction. Therefore, tooth extraction is performed. And it is replaced with a dental implant. This procedure is done surgically. 

  • Dental filling and bonding

This procedure is used if a small part of the enamel is cracked. Or it is chipped off. Hence, a dental filling is an appropriate choice for this. So the dental fillings are made of a white composite resin. Or it is made of silver amalgam. This is usually a mixture of silver, tin, zinc and copper. 

The function of the filings is to close the hole created. And restore the function of the tooth. 

And if a greater part of the tooth is missing. Then a dental inlay can be a great option. It is very durable as well as it restores the tooth completely. Another procedure is the dental bonding of the truth. It is used when the broken part of the tooth is visible while smiling. The dentist will use ultraviolet light to bond the tooth. The bond is created between the tooth’s surface and the composite resin. 

  • Reshaping of the tooth 

Another method is reshaping the tooth. This is again used if you lost only a chip of the tooth. And the tooth still has its stability. Then the dentist will just polish and reshape the tooth. Therefore, giving it a natural look and finishing. 

  • Dental veneers 

A dental veneer is a layer of porcelain. Or is also made of a composite resin. The function of a dental veneer is to cover the chipped tooth. And act as a mask or layer to make the tooth look healthy. This procedure is more of a cosmetic procedure in dentistry. And is used when a small chip is broken. And has only cosmetic damage. 

Firstly, the tooth enamel is removed from the tooth’s surface. And this is taken as a reference. Using the tooth enamel, impressions are made. Furthermore, this is sent to the dental laboratories. They will make the appropriate veneer that can be placed on the natural tooth.

Therefore, if you are looking for a better smile. An easier option on how to fix a broken tooth. This method is completely applicable. 

  • Root canal procedure 

A root canal is used when the pulp and crown of the tooth are affected. This happens in large fractures. And the crown is damaged. The root canal acts as a cap that fits the damaged part of the tooth.

 The main problem with large fractures is that – if the pulp or dentin is damaged. The bacteria present in the mouth can infect the pulp. And a root canal is very effective in such cases. 

Firstly, the pulp is removed completely. And it is replaced by a plastic filling which is known as gutta-percha. Once this procedure is done, a crown is placed to protect the tooth. 

  • Tooth Onlays 

This is usually used on the molars. A dentist will use dental onlays on top of the molars. If you have lost a great portion of the molar. And has a huge crack. Dental Onlays is quite reliable. 

These dental Onlays are made of porcelain or zirconia ceramics. 

  • Tooth splints 

If you have damage around the gums. Then tooth splints are a great procedure. It acts as a bond between the damaged tooth and the adjacent healthy tooth. And it allows the bones and the gums to heal. 


Above are some common and reliable dental procedures for a broken tooth. A tooth is kept hygienic to prevent infections, especially during such cases of a broken tooth. And a regular dental visit is a must. To maintain a healthy tooth. Therefore, if you need more guidance on how to fix a broken tooth. Contact your nearby clinics and get the best suggestions from them.