Definition Of Tooth Extraction In Length

The tooth is an important area of oral health, and in case of decaying beyond control, the expert has to advise for the removal of the same. By tooth extraction is meant taking out a tooth from within the socket that is present in the bone. In case your tooth happens to be damaged due to decay or is broken, the dentist will put in all his efforts to repair it by means of a crown or by a filling, or trying many other kinds of dental procedures. In case your dentist notices that the tooth is damaged beyond fixing it, he goes for its extraction or removal from the socket.Tooth Extraction

Methods of extraction

Extractions are found in two types as given below:

Simple extraction

This kind of method is carried out on any tooth which may be discernible easily inside your mouth. Usually, the dentists undertake simple extractions. In this type of extraction, a dentist, first of all, unfastens your tooth by means of an instrument known by name elevator. Next, your dentist utilizes another instrument referred to as forceps to extract your tooth.

Surgical extraction

This type of procedure is very intricate one. This method is employed in case your tooth has broken off with respect to the gum line, or in case it has not yet appeared in your mouth. This sort of surgery is carried out by an oral surgeon. Nevertheless, your dentist can also perform the surgical extractions. The dentist or oral surgeon gives a small cut- incision- to the gum. It sometimes becomes very necessary to take away the bone also that is about your tooth or for extraction cut your teeth into two halves.

Almost all simple extractions can be performed by utilizing a mere injection or called local anesthesia. You shall get medicines or not for mitigating pain. In order to go through surgical extraction, you are sure to get local anesthesia, or can be given anesthesia by way of vein called as intravenous. In some patients, general anesthesia is used. In this category fall, young children and patients with some behavioral or medical conditions.

Surgical Extraction

In case you have been given conscious sedation, you are sure to get steroids and also many other drugs through the intravenous line. These steroids aid to minimize your swelling and relax your pain following the procedure.

At the time of tooth removal, you may feel a sort of pressure, no pain. In case it is painful feeling or sort of pinching, convey the dentist.

Reasons for extraction

Many people suffer from the condition of having extra teeth that obstruct coming in of other teeth.

In many children, milk teeth do not fall out at a proper time allowing permanent teeth to come in.

In people who get braces may require removal of teeth for making space for all those teeth which are to be shifted into place.

People who get radiation to their neck or head may call for extraction of teeth that come in the way of radiation.

Of late it was thought to be a mystery in the fraternity of dentists and also many doctors the real cause of teeth grinding. A number of researches were conducted by the experts to know the truth behind the mystery of this health issue, and ultimately there is conclusion now. The theory that was put forth read that it was due to stress. But experts could not make clear as to why a fetus in the womb of mother grind teeth. Consequently, grinding of teeth remained a sort of mystery for all researchers, dentists, and also doctors.Breathing During The Night

Now it has come up in the latest conducted researches that teeth grinding is a kind of instinctual response which aids humans to survive. By this research, it has become possible to treat both conditions of grinding of teeth and consider the method to diagnose sleep apnea.

Cause of teeth grinding during the night

All through the night, your brain passes via a series of deeper and also lighter phases of sleep. When your brain passes into the period of deep sleep, the entire musculature of the body is allowed to go free and loosen up. By such development airway gets into trouble, by and by your jaw becomes heavy and it simply closes off the airway along with the tongue, and as it gets completely relaxed, it tends to expand nearly double to its size to obstruct airway also.

Research conducted on the scans of the brain of some people under investigation showed that airways with partial blockage as they were asleep and to the surprise of researchers they noted that bruxism also called teeth grinding was the cause of reopening the airway. People under investigation started breathing.

The patients were provided some kind of aid to let their airway remain open throughout the night. They were such as some type of dental appliance by a dentist or one as CPAP machine which would hold their jaw in place. As a result, the jaw and the tongue do not close off the airway; it was noticed that grinding stopped and also the events of apneic or called the loss of breathing at the time of sleep also ceased.Cause of teeth grinding during the night

 Consequences of grinding:

It is teeth grinding that save you, and then there is nothing wrong in it may say a dentist.

If it is grinding of teeth that effectively saves you during the night, it can give you disrupted sleep during nights.

You don’t sleep well in case you grind teeth.

Can damages your teeth and jaw joint:

It can wreak havoc on your teeth if you clench and also grind your teeth. It can give rise to tooth sensitivity, tooth decay coupled with lasting jaw pain. It can cause damage to your jaw point as well.

 Mouth guard renders things worse

You are given a mouth guard to put in your mouth so that teeth grinding stops. But you are at the risk of repositioning your jaw with a mouth guard. Due to this condition airway obstruction gets worse.




It is your dentist who recommends a procedure or some treatment in order to replace or restore your tooth which is lost due to some kind of damage or make your appearance attractive, improve function and also the health of the teeth. The misshaping of the same may be due to an accident or even a traumatic condition since birth, and only an expert can help you out at this stage.Oral Health And Good Smile Procedures

All the dentists hold the view that a person’s own teeth are the best. In these times dental offices offer a number of procedures so that you can save your teeth and keep them. Below are enlisted a few methods to keep your teeth in good condition.

Correct crooked teeth

It is a problem to have misaligned and crooked teeth. It is very frequent that crooked teeth, underbites and also overbites may be innate like the color of eyes or just like the size of the hands.

Invisible Aligners meant for Teeth

All people desire to enjoy a good smile, but a lot of people require assistance to get it.  A vast majority of people are getting desired results by using plain orthodontics devices which are known as aligners.

Orthodontics for Children

In case your young one is having the problem of crooked teeth or jaw is misaligned, at once consult your dentist or orthodontist.

Braces and Retainers

In case you have misaligned bite which can be overbite or can be underbite and crooked tooth, now there happen to be a number of treatments to correct the teeth in which are included braces and retainers.Braces and Retainers

Take care of your teeth by braces and retainers

Braces, springs, wires, rubber bands and on many extra appliances plaque and food can accumulate that may cause staining of teeth if you don’t brush it away.

Surgical Treatments

Know the conditions in which oral surgery is needed as given below:

Endodontic or root canal system

This mode of the procedure can be said to be a method of treatment intended for repairing and also keeping your tooth which is spoiled due to infection and has decayed. Only the dentist can give you trusted advice in this regard.

Gum Tissue Grafts

Dentists utilize gum graft to save the teeth from adverse effects of the condition called gum recession. You can also go for it to brighten your smile.

Gum Contouring

Gum ContouringIt is also known as gum reshaping or sometimes tissue sculpting. This kind of cosmetic procedure performed on your gums can level out your gum line that is uneven, and you can get a becoming smile.

Other Dental Treatments

Dental Emergencies

Any kind of dental emergency such as injury caused to your teeth or also to gums can prove grave and must never be ignored.

Dental Bonding

In this method of treatment, a resin material- plastic- matching with the color of the tooth is used which sets and hardens due to a particular light by which the material gets bonded to the tooth.

There are many organs in the human body which are not valued unless they start being a pain area. Somewhat same is the case of teeth and oral health where a number of people ignore the small issues and let them grow big. After a period they have to suffer from teeth decay and other issues where only an expert dentist can be last option. Endodontic therapy or is also known as root canal therapy makes a dental procedure which can be utilized to eliminate infections found inside of the tooth called pulp. This method protects against any future infections. Bacteria that are present in your mouth attack the tooth. It can take place after:

  • Any form of tooth decay
  • Due to leaky fillings
  • Some kind of damage from trauma like a fall

Tooth structure 

It is two parts that make a tooth. The crown forms the upper portion of a tooth which can be seen on the gum line. The root runs up to the jaw bone holding a tooth in place.

Teeth also are made of

  • The outer hard colored coating is called enamel
  • A kind of soft material that gives support to the enamel and constitutes a big portion of a tooth is known as dentine
  • A sort of hard material that forms a coating on the surface of roots is called as cementum
  • Nerves and other soft tissue inside the tooth are called dental pulp.

It is the root canal system that houses the dental pulp, and it runs the entire length of the crown to the root. It is possible that one tooth may have root canal more than one. Your dentist can explain it more effectively.

The need for root canal treatment

You need root canal treatment only on the condition as dental x- rays confirm that inside of your tooth the pulp is affected due to some bacterial infections. This dental pulp may start to die in case it happens to be infected by some bacteria which facilitate the spread and growth of bacterial infection. At once consult your dentist.

The signs of the pulp infection are as

  • If a person feels pain while drinking and also eating cold or hot food plus drink
  • If the pain is felt at the time of chewing or biting
  • A sort of loose tooth

With the progression of infection, all such signs frequently disappear because this pulp dies. It seems that the tooth has healed, but in reality, the infection has spread all through the root canal system.

Further signs ultimately take place, such as:

  • It can be pain during chewing or on biting returns
  • If the gum swells next to the tooth that is affected
  • Oozing of pus from the tooth that is affected
  • Swelling of the face
  • The affected tooth turns a dark color

It becomes very important to visit your dentist in case your tooth develops ache. In case the tooth is infected, it is not possible for pulp to heal all by itself.