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Looking for dentist near you? Well, Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentist Berwick offers wide range of quality dental services in a friendly, relaxed setting. We focus on secure, relaxing, quality dental practice. We are a expert Berwick dental clinic team and committed dentists ready to provide the ultimate result to the patients. We have a full spectrum of the highest quality dental care services. Our experienced Berwick dentists are the most professional and have enormous mastery. We have the top-notch experience to deliver efficient dental implants, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic treatment, dental crowns, and dental filling affordably.

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What Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Berwick Dentists Offers

Dentist Berwick General Services

Dental Extractions

Dental Extraction is a removal of a tooth from the mouth.

Dentures Berwick

Dentures are a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth.

Your Local Family Dentists In Berwick

Our caring Berwick dentist will make you feel comfortable from the time you meet them.

Kids Dentistry Berwick

Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery is becoming a well-known name for Kids Dentistry in Berwick.

Dental Implants

When teeth are lost because of disease or an accident, dental implants may be a good option for you.

Bad Breath Solutions

Helping thousands of people each year with bad breath solution.

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Why Choose Us?

High Standard of Dentistry

We provide comprehensive treatment planning and follow strict standards that ensure your treatment will go smoothly and provide the results you desire.

Committed Dental Team

Our administrative and clinical team is second to none. They are experienced, highly trained, friendly, and intuitive regarding your needs and will make your visits run effectively.

Modern Equipment

We have a high attention to detail when it comes to our work and the dentists are invested heavily in their instruments and equipment to give patients the best possible care and treatment.

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The Perfect Place For Emergency Dental Treatment In Berwick

You have dental problems and need an emergency dentist in Berwick Victoria, Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is the perfect place for best dental treatment for all dental problems. The biggest advantage is that we are your nearest dentist in Berwick have all kinds of treatments related to your teeth.

  • Same-Day Emergency
  • General Dentistry
  • Berwick Dental Surgery
  • Surgical Extractions, Wisdom extractions
  • Orthodontic Treatment – Conventional Braces, Clear Aligners
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Emergency Dental treatment
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Early Orthodontic Kids Treatment
  • Mouthguards/Nightguards
  • Veneers-Composite / Porcelain

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentist Berwick FAQ

1. Is it okay to visit the dentist once a year?

A person with good oral hygiene can visit the dentist once a year. Also, you can visit your dentist more often for better results. Pregnant women should visit the dentist more often because pregnancy hormones can cause gum inflammation problems such as gingivitis and other problems.

There are several reasons behind fast decaying teeth—consumption of many berwick dental surgery, sticky foods, and beverages that generated acid and lead to tooth decay problems.

Yes, dentists of Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Berwick have the skill and experience in fixing the front teeth cavities. We use the latest tools and techniques for effective and impactful results.

The composite fillings are quite strong and last for many years. On a general basis, it lasts for at least five years. Also, if you take proper care, then it can last up to ten years too.

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Smile Gallery

Berwick dental health clinic – Creating a beautiful smile can enhance a persons confidence and overall appearance. Below are some of the examples that you can be viewed from our Happy Berwick Dental Clients.

We Accept All Major Private Health Funds

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery accepts all major health insurance funds and we can process your claim on the spot using HICAPS.

  • Zipmony
  • NIB
  • HCF
  • CBHS
  • After Pay

Our Location

Our dental clinic is located in Berwick, Victoria, 3806 along Clyde Road. We are available in all Berwick and provided locations, our team is ready to maintain and take good care of your teeth. We have good parking facility so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience. Like we take care of your teeth.