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Welcome to Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery, your local and affordable dental clinic in Berwick VIC with the most trusted and certified Berwick Dentist having more than 40 years of experience in perfect Dentistry. We have a mission to provide quality dental care for all. Our experienced dentists offer a wide range of quality dental care services in a friendly, relaxed setting. We focus on secure, relaxing, quality dental practice. We are an expert Berwick dental clinic team and committed dentists ready to provide the ultimate result to the patients.

Call us now on (03) 9702 0234 to make an appointment with a Berwick dentist today. You can also get in touch online.

Experiencing any dental problems? Don’t worry, our Dentists will discuss all the dental treatment options available for you & will equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision. At Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery, Berwick, we have a wide variety of general dental treatments ranging from root canal treatments, dental implants, crown and bridgework, and veneers to Invisalign treatments, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergency appointments.

We have a full spectrum of the highest quality dental care services. Our experienced Berwick dentists are the most professional and have enormous mastery. We have the top-notch experience to deliver efficient dental implants, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic treatment, dental crowns, and dental filling affordably.

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From Simple Procedures To Complex Surgeries

Experiencing any complex dental problem and looking for good dentists near you? Don’t worry, our best Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentist will discuss all the dental treatment options available that brighten up your smile again and give you instant relief from all kinds of dental problems in a friendly, relaxed setting. Along with the best of convenience, our team is well acquainted with all state-of-the-art dental equipment to give you a painless and smooth experience. We have a full spectrum of the highest quality dental care services. We have the top-notch experience to deliver efficient dental implants, Dental Filling affordably.

Family Dental Services in Berwick

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery introduces With the latest innovative and comprehensive dental services, we are creating healthy, beautiful smiles every day that suits your personality.

Dentist Berwick Treatment Options

Dentist Berwick General Services


Dental Extractions

Dental Extraction is a removal of a tooth from the mouth.

Dentures Berwick

Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth.


Your Local Family Dentists In Berwick

Our caring Berwick dentist will make you feel comfortable from the time you meet them.


Kids Dentistry Berwick

Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery is becoming a well-known name for Kids Dentistry in Berwick.

Dental Implants

When teeth are lost because of disease or an accident, dental implants may be a good option for you.

Bad Breath Solutions

Helping thousands of people each year with bad breath solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

All Dental Facility

We have treatment and dentists for all types of dental problems. Our dentists have a list of more than 20 problems that they treat and send patients back home with a smile.

No Appointment Issue

Our clinical team is dedicated to patients only. Here you will neither have appointment issues nor dental treatment issues. We can be in your touch forever, once you have got treatment from us.

Treating Safely

Do not worry about the pain, extraction, bleeding, or other problem that people face during dental treatments. We can take care of everything related to dental issues. You will be safe with our treatments.

Future Of Dentistry

Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery Introduces New Dental Technologies


Dentistry is not behind in technology, a lot has changed in the last 20-30 years. Painless teeth extraction, quick RCT, and the involvement of robots in surgeries have been some of the developments. We at Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery have adopted some of them and made Dental Treatments In Berwick safer and quicker. Here are some of the Future Of Dentistry that is introduced by us:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will play a big role in dental surgeries and extractions. Surgical robots with embedded AI can transform the whole process of dental surgeries. Some of them can be done even without the presence of dentists.

Virtual Reality in dentistry

Virtual Reality helps in finding the altered alignment of human teeth and cavities and other issues. It creates a highly detailed virtual model so that patients can get the best treatment.


This new technology will add a combination of telecommunications and dentistry involving the exchange of clinical information and images over remote distances.

Computer-assisted design and 3D printing

Computer-assisted design and 3D printing will help in knowing the problems in detail as dentists can not easily see the problems in the upper jaw.

Intra-oral camera

The oral camera will be useful in getting the footage of hard-to-reach spaces inside the mouth so that dentists can plan a treatment that will be painless, quick, and danger-free.

Regenerative dentistry

Regenerative dentistry is the next to be a trend in this industry. With this technology, there will be no need for treatment as dentists can regenerate damaged or lost teeth.


It is a technology that will work on changing genes and DNA to stop the transfer of genetic dental and oral problems. It is a game-changing addition to dental treatment.

We believe in adopting new technologies to make dental treatments easy, safe, painless, and quick. These are beneficial for both patients as well as dentists.

What People Say

Dentist Berwick’s PatientTestimonials

Dentist Berwick's Patient Testimonials

The Perfect Place For Emergency Dental Treatment In Berwick

If you have dental problems and need an emergency dentist in Berwick, Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is the perfect place for the best dental treatment for all your dental problems. The biggest advantage is that we are friendly and affordable, and your nearest dentist has all kinds of treatments related to your teeth.

  • Same-day Quality Care For All
  • General and Emergency Dentistry
  • Berwick Dental Surgery
  • Surgical Extractions, Wisdom extractions
  • Orthodontic Treatment – Conventional Braces, Clear Aligners
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Emergency Dental treatment
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment Berwick
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Early Orthodontic Kids Treatment
  • Mouthguards/Nightguards
  • Veneers-Composite / Porcelain

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentist Berwick FAQ

1. Is it okay to visit the dentist once a year?

A person with good oral hygiene can visit the dentist once a year. Also, you can visit your dentist more often for better results. Pregnant women should visit the dentist more often because pregnancy hormones can cause gum inflammation problems such as gingivitis and other problems.

There are several reasons behind fast decaying teeth—consumption of many Berwick dental surgery, sticky foods, and beverages that generated acid and lead to tooth decay problems.

Yes, dentists of Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Berwick have the skill and experience in fixing the front teeth cavities. We use the latest tools and techniques for effective and impactful results.

The composite fillings are quite strong and last for many years. On a general basis, it lasts for at least five years. Also, if you take proper care, then it can last up to ten years too.

Teeth and gums are sensitive parts of the body, and even a minor injury or issue can be severe for patients. However, toothache, a decayed tooth, broken tooth, and bleeding gums are some dental emergencies.

A dentist can reshape your broken tooth. Options for the treatment are repairing the damage with a filling, bonding, Dental Cap or Crown, Dental Veneers, or Root Canal Therapy. A dentist suggests one option from these based on your problem.

Yes, you can go to A&E with a tooth problem when you have some serious injury to your Jaws, teeth, or gums. In many accidents, people have to visit A&E with a tooth problem. However, you can not go to A&E with a general tooth problem.

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Our Clients Stories

Berwick Smile Gallery


Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is your local Berwick dental center health clinic creating a beautiful smile that can enhance a person’s confidence and overall appearance. Below are our happy clients you can be viewed from our Happy Berwick Dental Clinic and Surgery smile gallery.


Our Top Rated Dentist and Dental Practice in Berwick

Dr. Kulwant Singh started Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery With just one goal and that is to provide you with the best Dental Care Services and Treatments in Berwick, at the affordable price that you deserve, and in this, we have been completely successful so far. Our Dentists in Berwick cater to the dental needs of thousands of clients every day and put a beautiful smile on their faces because we believe that smile is for life. We are full of all the modest dental care equipment and all our dentists are skilled and experienced. Get benefits with Child Dental Benefits Scheme with us. So for a better smile, you must also visit our clinic and have a pleasant dental experience.

Principal Dentist Dr. Rekha Singh in Berwick

Principal Dentist Dr. Rekha Singh

Practice Manager Dr. Sibella

Practice Manager Dr. Sibella

We Accept All Major Private Health Funds

We Accept All Major Private Health Funds, Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery accepts all major health insurance funds and we can process your claim on the spot using HICAPS. Being a member of the Australian Dental Association, it is our duty to provide the best dental care services. Also, it helps us to give you an opportunity to get the real-time benefits of health funds through HICAPS on-the-spot claiming. We are also a dignified member of the CBHS Choice network, Health Engine, and HCF Teeth For Life Program.

  • Zipmony
  • NIB
  • HCF
  • CBHS
  • After Pay

We Are Available For You At All The Prime Locations

Our dental clinic is located in Berwick, Victoria, 3806 along Clyde Road. You can drive from any corner to reach our dental clinic very easily, we have enough parking space so that you should not have any kinds of parking problems. We are available in the entire Berwick and provided Locations, our team is ready to maintain and take good care of your teeth.

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is Berwick’s #1 Rated Dental Clinic

93 reviews on
Aliza Yual
Aliza Yual
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed
Nigina Qalandari
Nigina Qalandari
I just wanted to explain how amazing this clinic is. First of all making me happy with the way my teeth have turned out with braces, and a big thanks to the dentists and especially Sibella for everything she’s done helping me out with bookings and rescheduling bookings with the times that suit me best, been busy with work and vce it’s hard to find a good time I could come to my monthly checks ups. Once again I am very impressed and Amazingly happy with this woodleigh waters☺️
Read more
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar
Very reliable and economical service without depriving the quality of dental care. Dr Rekha and Dr Pravin has done braces for 3 people in my family. Job was done exceptionally well and we are happy to recommend their services to anyone who would like to have professional dental care advice and services.
Read more
Alinda T
Alinda T
Woodleigh is the best dental clinic I've ever attended. They're caring, non-judgemental, efficient and affordable. I have always felt comfortable and cared for at this clinic. Staff are very professional. Special thanks to Dr Rekha, Dr Sarah and receptionist Sibella. Highly recommend
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Sukhvir Kaur
Sukhvir Kaur
This is a great place to go take care of your teeth .The team was very personal and friendly. That explains very well what was going on. Thanks to Dr. Rakha
Read more
Melissa L
Melissa L
The best dental clinic in the south east, I am always welcomed and assured with the best service , in particular from Sibella. She has been extremely great scheduling me and my family for appointments and providing advice.
Read more
Dr Rekha is experienced doctor, we have been visiting her for over 4 years now. She did root canal for me and did orthodontic treatment for my daughter. She has been very approachable throughout our treatment. Very happy with the service. Thanks
Read more
Parminder Pabla
Parminder Pabla
Very friendly and professional service . I am very happy with the treatment. Highly recommended.
Read more
Charaka Senanayake
Charaka Senanayake
Friendly service and you get value for money. Loved our experience with Dr. Rekha & staff today. The Centre is equipped with all the cutting edge technology and I didn’t even had to get down from the chair to get the full service. This was our first experience and certainly won’t be the last!
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