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Sedation Gas Dentistry

It’s quite common that many of us find the idea of dental surgery to be a truly horrific experience. There are a lot of misconceptions arising from the discomfort and pain felt both during and after the surgery, and surgery complications being present. It is quite common for people to find dental care quite daunting, however there is an alternative solution.

Sedation gas dentistry can be used to help those who find the surrounds of a dental clinic uncomfortable and disorientating. By sedating the patient prior to surgery, dentists can proceed with minimal disruption on your treatment. This is also a perfect alternative for those who may feel discomfort in the surgery chair.

What is sedation gas dentistry?

Sedation gas dentistry is also known as laughing gas. This describes the “happy” feeling that the person who has been sedated feels after the process. The gas is a compound of oxygen and nitrous-oxide, and is ingested through a mask placed over the patient’s mouth.

Your dentist will perform the mixture, and will be best placed to explain the process in more detail, should you have any questions or further concerns. When the dental procedure is finished, this gas is flushed out of the body, and leaves no lingering side effects.

What are the benefits of sedation gas dentistry?

Sedation gas dentistry can calm any anxiety or stress that a dental patient may have, and it also works as an anaesthetic on its own. This helps the numbing process for more involved surgeries, such as a wisdom tooth extraction.

Sedation gas is also beneficial for children, who may be facing their first dental procedure. The soothing effect can help the child cope with the confronting nature of the surgical procedure. It will also allow your friendly dentist to continue with his work unimpeded.

What do I have to do before the surgery?

Whilst sedation gas dentistry is completely safe, it is advisable to avoid eating a heavy meal prior to the procedure. This is also the same for any dairy products, and we do recommend that you avoid consuming these types of foods or drink before the surgery.

During the procedure, you may feel a slight tingling sensation on your lips and tongue. This is completely normal, and is a minor side effect of the gas itself. Patients may also experience a relaxing or dreaming feeling. This again is evident of the gas working, and will remove itself after the gas flushing process.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about sedation gas dentistry, please feel free to call us on (03) 9702 0234. Our experienced dental practitioners will explain in what circumstances sedation gas is recommended.

They will also be able to suggest whether sedation gas dentistry will help you in your specific circumstances, and whether there are any other alternatives.