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Dentist Pakenham – Emergency Dental Treatment

Reliable and Cost Effective Dental Practitioners in Pakenham

Our experienced and expertly trained team of dentists in Pakenham, can provide total family dental care at an affordable price that won’t blow out your budget. Being one of the leading bulk billing dentist clinics in Pakenham, you can be sure of not only a complete dental service, but also cost effective payment options.

Our proven track record of safe and effective dental surgery and care, has seen us earn the trust of thousands of dental patients across Pakenham, and recent expansion has uplifted our capacity to provide only the highest quality care to new patients. We are proud of our reputation, and want to enhance it by providing you with the best, most exceptional dental service you will find anywhere.

Our dental clinic in Pakenham specialises in many surgeries and consultations, including:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency dental needs
  • Child dentistry
  • All forms of tooth extraction
  • Preventative dentistry
    Why you Should Choose Us for your Next Check-Up?


    Our clinic offers a gap free dental check-up and clean. Along with our exceptional attention to detail and care for you and your teeth, it’s just one of the many reasons why Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is the best dental clinic throughout Pakenham.

    Our patient centric approach and our ability to assist you with relevant insurance claims showcases our devotion to our patients, ensuring that you can get that perfect smile you’ve been looking for without any nasty surprises or complications. Call us today on (03) 9702 0234 and see what Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery can do for you!

    Services at our Dental Clinic in Pakenham
    Our preventive dentistry solutions helps you keep your teeth healthy always. Our specialised solutions that including dental cleanings and period examinations not only ensures that your teeth are clean but helps identify any problems in the teeth or gums at an early stage.
    We are also known as the best cosmetic dentists in Pakenham offering a wide array of treatments that enhances your look and smile, correcting cracked, chipped, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth.
    Our team of dentists has been providing comprehensive restorative dentistry solutions that include inlays, onlays, dental crowns and implants to ensure your orals system always remains in a functional and esthetic state.
    Our orthodontics treatments helps patients correct improperly positioned teeth and jaws, thus eliminating the risk of toooth decay, periodontal diseases and stress on chewing muscles. We are specialized in the application of corrective measures like braces for orthodontic treatments.
    We offer dentures in a variety of styles including partial and full dentures to ensure that missing or damaged teeth do not affect your looks or oral functionality.
    We carefully examine your dental to system to determine tooth conditions that cannot be restored. We then carry out the tooth extraction processes with utmost care and sterlization process thus ensuring that a damaged tooth does not prove detrimental to your overall oral health and other teeth.
    At times, the wisdom teeth cause problems due to an oral structure that cannot accommodate it in the mouth. We then assess if the tooth needs to be treated or extracted and provide suitable cure for this complication.
    Our team of the best dentists in Pakenham has carried our several Root Canal treatments successfully. This treatment helps restore decayed and damaged tooth while eliminating the risk of further damage and bacterial infections.
    Tooth Decay, cavities and other problems of the teeth and gums are very common in children these days. Our pediatric dentists helps you little ones maintain their oral hygiene while providing specialized treatments for the dental problems of children
    Gap free checkup and clean with any private insurance

    It’s easy to forget how important a visit to the dentist is, especially if you’re already regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. So if you are looking for the most effective dental treatments, contact the best dentists of Pakenham at 03 9702 0234 or fix an online appointment here.  Our team of dentists will get back to you to schedule a proper diagnosis of your problems and will ensure that dental problems won’t come in the way of your smiles!

    Gap free checkup and clean with any private dental insurance


Very affordable and most recommended dentists

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Not far from Cranbourne best dental clinic in our suburb Very affordable and most recommended dentists

Delightful service and treatment

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Delightful service and treatment. Care and suggestions made that caused very little pain, both physical and financial. Previous dentists failed to give such advice!!