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Dental Implants

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Woodleigh waters dental surgery is your one-stop destination for all your dental implant treatment options. You just need to get in touch with us in order to fix an appointment. No hassle of searching for different clinics for availing different implant treatments.  We are a leading clinic with highly qualified and excellent dentists working with us. We offer quick, efficient and highly convenient treatment solutions for our clients who are always happy with our services.

Dental Implants Surgery
Dental Implants Surgery

Dental Implants Berwick- Revolutionary Treatment For Log-Term Effects-

Tooth loss is a common problem but that doesn’t mean you will have to stay like that for the rest of your life. There are a number of treatments available these days to regain the beauty of your smile. While earlier traditional methods such as dentures or bridges were more common, we use small titanium rods which are compatible with the jawbone and facilitates for a strong and powerful new tooth root is prevalent. The type of treatment, however, depends upon the customer and his own individual problems. Hence, we offer more stability and a natural feel with the help of our effective and top quality dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement

A large number of patients lose one tooth which makes them conscious and lacks self-confidence in the long run. But no more! We replace your missing tooth with a dental implant and hence help you gain confidence. Moreover, the implant we use is long-lasting and does not pose any serious threat to your natural teeth. We at Woodleigh waters dental surgery offer single dental implant Berwick service at affordable prices. Moreover, we use an efficient procedure to ensure that your new tooth blends easily and naturally with the rest. Now let us understand-

What is single tooth replacement?

While other treatments might give you an unnatural look, dental implants ensure that your teeth are as close to your natural tooth as possible. We substitute the gap if any between your new tooth and the remaining tooth with a natural and prosthetic tooth along with your implant. When you give us a visit, we will first examine your oral health and communicate to you the best treatment option. We then fix an appointment to place the implant. Our dental implant Berwick services are all you require to restore the charm of your face.

Single Tooth Replacements
Single Tooth Replacements

Multiple tooth replacement

Be it a single tooth or multiple teeth, the treatment remains the same. The only difference being that a dental bridge might be used in case of multiple teeth.  Moreover, we ensure that you won’t require an implant for each tooth that’s missing. This is because a dental implant usually involves multiple prosthetic teeth.

The Multiple Teeth Replacement Berwick Process We Follow-

During the initial consultation, we assess your oral health and determine the best plan for you. Then there are three appointments, the details of which are as follows-

  1. The first appointment usually involves surgically placing the implants in your jawbone. We will carefully place them at a location where your tooth root is. We leave it for healing through a process known as osseointegration. Under the process, the jawbone heals and fuses with the dental implant.
  2. During the second appointment, we will assess whether the implant has integrated successfully or not. Moreover, we also connect the implants with a post during this stage.
  3. Finally, we attach crowns or dental bridges to the dental implants.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants

The Benefits Of Replacing Missing Teeth-

Replacing missing teeth Berwick treatment has numerous benefits. It offers reliable stimulation and support to your jawbone. Hence, the chances of your teeth becoming crooked become significantly less. Moreover, with the help of our effective dental implant treatment, you can eat and speak without any difficulties. Hence, you would feel very natural. Additionally, replacing multiple teeth can do wonders for your overall oral health. Hence, if you are missing more than one tooth, then a dental bridge might be the best treatment option for you. We at Woodleigh waters dental surgery offer effective multiple teeth replacements Berwick plan for you. Our dental implants are all you require to make your teeth flawless.

Full Arch Restoration

If you have total tooth loss, then dentures are not the only treatment option available for you. We offer healthy and long-lasting implants in Berwick to make your teeth all right. Implant dentistry is an advanced science that helps with the tooth loss by offering solutions that are sustainable and comfortable. They are best for your oral health.

What Exactly Is Full Arch Restoration Berwick Service?

A full arch restoration Berwick service will involve placement of about four to six implants and a whole new full arch of prosthetic teeth that match your existing teeth and mouth. The number of implants, however, depends from patient to patient. Unlike single tooth or multiple tooth replacement, this treatment involves planning and takes more time than single or multiple tooth replacement.

It generally takes about 3-6 months for your jaw to heal completely where there are implants. Once the healing of the gums is complete, we attach the posts. Finally, we attach a full arch of prosthetic teeth to your new dental implants. Moreover, dental implants offer much stimulation and stability to your jaw. The full arch, however, can not be removed. They look just like your natural teeth. Additionally, they also allow you to speak and eat without any worries.

Teeth Implants
Teeth Implants

Who is a suitable candidate for full arch restoration Berwick treatment?

The first and foremost requirement of this treatment is an effective jawbone structure. If you do not have enough jawbone density, carrying out the full arch restoration Berwick service might not be possible. To correct the same, we perform a bone graft or bone augmentation procedure to correct the same. We will be placing the implants once you do have enough jawbone structure. The number may vary from 4 to 6 or even 8.

The Right Treatment For Your Missing Teeth-

We at Woodleigh waters dental surgery take our clients very seriously and do our best to improve their condition. Hence, we make sure that you receive only the best treatment plan. This usually depends upon a number of factors such as the size of your jaw, the number of teeth that require replacement, the number of natural teeth etc. Moreover, our expert dentist will offer you advice to keep your teeth the same for a long time. Hence, quality matters for us and we make sure that you receive the treatment that’s truly best for you.

This Is What You Can Expect-

  • High bone structure and stimulation of your jaw.
  • Improvement in health as a result if proper chewing.
  • No need to bear the burden and cost of dental adhesives.
  • Improvement in speech and confidence.
Dental Implants Treatment
Dental Implants Treatment

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