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ClearCorrect – The easy way to straighten teeth

Everybody deserves a smile they are proud of, and ClearCorrect is a comfortable, affordable and easy path towards straight teeth.

ClearCorrect teeth aligners are removable, comfortable and best of all, virtually invisible. ClearCorrect aligners are easily removable, and most people will not even be aware that you are wearing them.

Because they are easy to take out, you won’t have to worry during times when you need to eat, and your diet will not need to change, as can happen with regular braces. ClearCorrect aligners will have basically no impact on your day to day life.

In more sever cases of teeth misalignment more traditional braces may need to be fitted, however many cases can be treated with this easy, non invasive treatment.

How does ClearCorrect work?

The first steps will involve your dental professional taking x-rays, scans and photographs of your teeth. From there your dentist will discuss with you the movements that will be involved with your teeth to achieve the best results.

A 3D model will be created of your teeth and mouth, and a set of clear plastic aligners will be custom fitted to your teeth. Each different aligner will apply custom pressure to each tooth, gradually moving them into alignment.

Your dental professional will monitor the progress of your teeth, and give you new sets of aligners to wear as your alignment progresses. Treatments generally take several months, however results can be seen and observed much sooner throughout the treatment.

What can ClearCorrect do?

ClearCorrect can effectively improve the following issues with teeth.

  • Overbites
  • Overjet
  • Midline Misalignment
  • Teeth spacing
  • Teeth crowding

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